nsc ingress list

Lists the registered ingresses on the specified instance.

ingress list lists all the registered ingresses for an instance. To expose an application in a preview, see our guides on Container Previews and Kubernetes Previews.


nsc ingress list <cluster-id>


In the example below, we first create an ephemeral cluster, start nginx with kubectl run, create a Load Balancer with kubectl expose and then expose it using nsc expose kubernetes.

Create an ephemeral cluster:

$ nsc create
  Created new ephemeral environment! ID: hk99v6hn1tk9m

Start nginx within the created cluster:

nsc kubectl hk99v6hn1tk9m run nginx --image=nginx
pod/nginx created

And create a Load Balancer:

nsc kubectl hk99v6hn1tk9m expose pod nginx --type=LoadBalancer --port=80
service/nginx exposed

Afterwards, expose port 80 using the nsc expose kubernetes command:

$ nsc expose kubernetes hk99v6hn1tk9m --namespace=default --service=nginx --name=nginx-foobar
Exported port 80 from default/nginx:

From now own, nsc ingress list will inform you about this exposed ingress.

% nsc ingress list hk99v6hn1tk9m
https://nginx-foobar-hk99v6hn1tk9m.fra1.namespaced.app (port: 80)