Accelerate your workflow

2–10× faster GitHub Actions
2–10× faster Docker builds

The industry's fastest build and test performance.

Dramatically improve your turnaround, without changing your workflow.

Namespace Developer Platform


Get the most out of GitHub.

Trivial to use, trivial to try

Switch to Namespace's Managed GitHub Runners in two steps: install our GitHub Application, and change your workflow's runs-on definition. That's it.

Start using the industry's fastest compute for build and test, with zero other changes to your workflows.

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Caching makes wonders

Built-in Docker Image Caching leads to major speed-ups during test setup.

Using Cache Volumes you can turn CI runs into incremental builds, out of the box.

And doubly-fast as our caches are backed by high-performance local storage.

Manage your costs

Higher performance means faster workflows, which means fewer minutes. Combined with our caching capabilities, you'll see your CI bill dramatically reduced.

Fast(est) Docker image building

Built-in to GitHub runners too.

Serverless means simple

From CI or from your local workstation, speed up your builds to 11, by relying on Namespace's high-performance remote builders.

100% compatible with Dockerfile and docker build. Improve your workflow without changing your tools.

Scales horizontally

Namespace can handle the highest demand needs. Hundreds of concurrent builds? No problem. Our build infrastructure scales horizontally to take on the scale that you need.

And you only pay for what you use.

Incremental builds? Yes please.

Local builds feel faster? Because they're incremental. That's the same you experience with Namespace: consistent incrementality. That can be shared across CI, and other team members.

Start a Remote Build ⟶

Batteries? They're included

End-to-end previews

Use Namespace's instances to deploy previews you control: whether on-demand, or per Pull Request. Deploy your whole backend and frontend stack, or not. Up to you.

Started in just a few seconds.


Out of the box metrics, logs, OOM detection, and soon whole system profiling.

Private Container Registry

Don't spend one cycle setting up an image management solution. We store your images securely, and make them available to your container runs without the need of additional configuration.

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Reliability you can trust

As developers, we understand how critical developer infrastructure is.

Building on experience

Our team built Google's internal application platform. We understand critical developer infrastructure.

We have tens of years of experience managing Google's, Digital Ocean's, AWS' and Swisscom's development and production services.


Providing excelent support is one of our core principles; others being Be Fast & Delight and Be Responsible.

We'll meet you where you are

We work with companies of all sizes, and we understand security needs, airgap deployments, and more. Want Namespace but in your own environment? We got you covered. Just reach out.