The cloud-nativeapplication platform

Simple but powerful development, whole-system testing, and production for Kubernetes.

Open-source. Extensible. Incrementally adoptable.

# Setup a local cluster + registry.
$ ns prepare local
# Start + develop your app server stack.
$ ns dev
# Run whole stack tests.
$ ns test
# Deploy to production.
$ ns deploy --env=prod

An overview

A development platform that adapts to your needs

We know that one-size fits all doesn't work for developer teams. Namespace has been built from the ground-up for incremental adoption.

Simple, managed dependencies

Depend on any number of databases, object stores, or other services. Declare what you need from a set of extensible resource types, and Namespace creates and manages those resources for you in each environment.

Extensible and open

Missing the resource type that you need? You can extend the platform with new resource types and providers. While still benefiting from the same orchestration and environment management.

Happy developers and productive teams

Developers get faster builds, config-less containerized development, and full agency to operate their entire stack. And platform teams gain the ability to standardize which set of technologies their organizations should depend on.

Built from real-world experience

We previously built Boq, Google's internal application platform, used by teams of all sizes. As a result, we've seen firsthand how a managed development lifecycle empowers teams to build better, faster, and with more robustness.

Powerful managed environments

Namespace automatically manages all environments based on a single system definition, adapting to each—incremental building and deployment during development, ephemerality in testing, and robustness in production.

Best of cloud native, simplified

Off-the-shelf integrations offer you low-touch access to the best of the latest development and production best practices. We help you navigate the ecosystem.