Best way to test and develop with containers

Remote containers and builders in seconds, without having to wrestle with locations, networking, or even cost.


A developer's complete toolset.
In one place.

Namespace provides , , , , and more.

While optimizing for speed, understandability and cost.

Move quickly

Fast is a feature.

Create in seconds

Whether it's a set of containers spawned using Docker, or a full fledged Kubernetes cluster, Namespace managed environments are ready to be used in single-digit seconds.

Start one (or many) Ephemeral Clusters →

Batteries included

Spend zero time setting up logging, metrics, etc. Namespace environments are always configured with the observability you need, out of the box.

Build on incremental building

Fast builds that rely on across-invocation incremental building, with zero configuration.

High-capacity remote builders

Environments have access to high-performance build capacity, which persists across invocations, granting you much higher incremental building cache hit rates.

Start a Remote Build →

Cross-team incremental builds

When all team members share a Workspace Remote builder, they all benefit from incremental builds triggered by others. And CI benefits too.

Learn more →

Private Container Registry built-in

Don't spend one cycle setting up an image management solution. We store your images securely, and make them available to your container runs without the need of additional configuration.

Push an image →

Namespace 🤝 GitHub

We help GitHub work better for you.

Managed GitHub Runners

Turn on our GitHub runner support in two steps: install our GitHub Application, and change your workflows to target our runner (one line).

Now your GitHub Action workflows run faster, and share the same concurrency capacity you're already paying for, leading to a much smaller bill at the end of the month.

Enable GitHub Runners →

Integrated GitHub Action support

You'll find drop-in replacements for setup-buildx-action, setup-kind and more, that have your GitHub Action workflow automatically use our managed infrastructure. With zero other changes, keep using the tools you are familiar with.

Learn More about our GitHub Actions →

Reliability you can trust

As developers, we understand how critical developer infrastructure is.

Building on experience

Our team was started by engineers that built Google's internal application platform.

Combined, we have tens of years of experience managing Google's, Digital Ocean's, AWS' and Swisscom's development and production services.

Commitment to open-source

We build on, and contribute to open-source, and we want to share many of our infrastructure components with the open-source community.

Our first step was Foundation, a whole-lifecycle application platform that we use to build Namespace.

Learn More about Foundation →


If your company would like to use Namespace's features, but on-prem, or by deploying to your existing cloud infrastructure, reach out to us.