We believe

Software is key to the modern world

And although the individual tools available to software teams have improved over time, developers still operate at the assembly level when writing cloud applications. A lot of care goes into the equivalent of memory management, register scheduling and I/O.


Our mission is to transform how great software is built

Software development should be simple, lean, and focused on teams and applications - not individuals and machines.

We've seen this before

World-class teams are transforming

Our team spent many years at Google, where we helped build Boq, Google's internal development platform. Boq is used by a majority of Google products, including Search, Youtube, Workspace, etc.

The world inside Google in 2014 when we built Boq was similar to today's industry: many great tools. Still, each team or organization was responsible for figuring out its development and production lifecycle.

How do you manage your development stack, write comprehensive whole-system tests, and ship with confidence to production?

Boq transformed how teams built software by allowing them to focus primarily on their application code. It supported teams with most of their needs (configuration, experimentation, logging, etc).

And most importantly, it was an evolving platform that grew as Google's needs changed.

Backed by believers

Our investors

We're fortunate to be working with investors that have a deep understanding for how software gets built at medium and large companies. That understand open-source. And believe that there must be a better way to build great software.

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— Hugo, co-founder and CEO
Namespace Labs team in Lisbon, 2022