Work with strict isolation between environments.

Workspaces form the basis of managing and using all Namespace services. They contain resources such as clusters and remote builders. Workspaces are isolated spaces where you can manage and organize the resources that you'll use.

Each project has a unique project ID and a friendly name. You can share your workspaces with others by adding collaborators.

Create a workspace

Every user starts with a personal workspace. Additional workspaces can be created via the workspace selector menu.

Add a collaborator

You can share your workspaces with other users. Only the workspace owner may add members to a workspace. Head to cloud.namespace.so/settings/members and press Invite Collaborators to generate an invite link. Invites are single-use - the link becomes invalid after a user accepts the invite. An invite expires after a week unless revoked by the inviter ahead of time.

Remove a collaborator

Workspace owners can remove collaborators from a workspace. Under cloud.namespace.so/settings/members, you can see a list of all members in the current workspace. To revoke access for a user, click Remove.