Work with strict isolation between environments.

Workspaces form the basis of managing and using all Namespace services. They contain resources such as clusters and remote builders. Workspaces are isolated spaces where you can manage and organize the resources that you'll use.

Each workspace has a unique workspace ID and a friendly name. You can share your workspaces with others by adding collaborators.

Create a workspace

Every user starts with a personal workspace. Additional workspaces can be created via the workspace selector menu.

Workspace management

You can find details about your workspace and update its settings (e.g. update its name) under cloud.namespace.so/workspace/settings.

Add a collaborator

You can share your workspaces with other users. Only the workspace admins may add members to a workspace. Head to cloud.namespace.so/workspace/settings/users and press Generate link to generate a single-use invite link. The link becomes invalid after a user accepts the invite. An invite expires after a week unless revoked by the inviter ahead of time.

Alternatively, you can invite new workspace members via email. Press Invite by email and fill in the email addresses to invite. Invites sent via email also expire after a week.

Remove a collaborator

Workspace admins can remove collaborators from a workspace. Under cloud.namespace.so/workspace/settings/users, you can see a list of all members in the current workspace. To revoke access for a user, click and select Remove.

Access control

The creator of a workspace automatically becomes its owner. Any collaborator added to the workspace starts with limited permissions by default. To grant full admin access to a workspace member, head to cloud.namespace.so/workspace/settings/users, click for next to the member to promote and select Promote to Admin.

To revoke admin rights from a workspace admin, click and select Demote to Editor. The user will retain access to the workspace, but will see their admin rights removed.

You can also demote members from editor roles to a reader role. To do so, click and select Demote to Reader. Readers can still access and use a workspace but cannot create or edit any resources.

Namespace supports fine-grained access control policies. To set them up reach out to support@namespace.so.

Admin vs Owner

Admins have the same permissions as the owner. The only differences are:

  • the owner cannot be removed from a workspace
  • the owner cannot be demoted to a non-admin role

You can transfer ownership of a workspace to a different user. Under cloud.namespace.so/workspace/settings/users, click next to the to-be workspace owner and select Transfer Ownership.