Namespace supports multiple identity providers: GitHub or Google Oauth. In order to create your Namespace account, navigate to cloud.namespace.so, click sign in and select the identity provider that you prefer. After creating an account, a personal workspace will automatically be created for you.


In order to use Namespace's CLI nsc, you need to authenticate with Namespace and select a workspace to operate in.

  1. Run nsc login and follow the login link it generates.
  2. In your browser, select the identity provider to use.
  3. Select the workspace that you want to access.


Workload Federation allows your external workloads to identify themselves to Namespace using short-lived secure credentials. Using these credentials, you can interact with Namespace resources (execute remote builds, create previews, spawn ephemeral clusters, etc.). We support a wide selection of providers including AWS, GitHub Actions and CircleCI. Check out our respective docs under Workload Federation.