nsc git-checkout update-submodules

Check out submodules in a git checkout on a Namespace runner.

git-checkout update-submodules checks out submodules of a git checkout on a Namespace runner, utilizing Namespace Cache Volumes to speed up the operation on subsequent runs. It performs the equivalent of git submodule update --init on each discovered submodule.


The operation must be executed on Namespace GitHub Runners with caching configured for Git repository checkouts.

The operation must be executed after a git checkout exists, e.g. after executing nscloud-checkout-action.

For the operation to be effective, submodules should not be checked out before running it. In the case of nscloud-checkout-action this means that its submodules option of should be either absent or set to false.


If the git checkout is on the default path, submodules can be checked out as follows:

nsc git-checkout update-submodules --mirror_base_path=${NSC_GIT_MIRROR} --repository_path=${GITHUB_WORKSPACE} --recurse

It is possible to customize the path of the main repository checkout by passing a different value in --repository-path.

If --recurse is given, nsc git-checkout update-submodules will recurse into submodules and check out their submodules, respectively.