nsc ssh

Connect to ephemeral environments.

ssh connects to a previously created ephemeral environment. It establishes a ssh connection to the target environment, over Namespace's networking, in a way that end-to-end encryption is retained, but the target host is not exposed directly to the Internet.

To enable experimentation, ssh also has a "quick create" mode built-in, allowing you to quickly create a named environment (a sandbox), or get back to a previously created sandbox.

This allows you to jump into a container-enabled terminal in a few seconds.


nsc ssh [--tag <name>] [-A] [<id>] [command]


Create an ephemeral instance:

$ nsc create
  Created new ephemeral environment! ID: 85a32emcg99ii

SSH into the created instance:

$ nsc ssh 85a32emcg99ii

You can also omit the environment id, and a list of your environments will be presented to you.

$ nsc ssh
 Instance ID    CPU  Memory   Arch   Created       Time to live         Purpose  
 85a32emcg99ii  4    4.0 GiB  amd64  10 hours ago  29 minutes from now  ...      

Finally, you can also issue commands to the ssh sessions directy from nsc.

$ nsc ssh 85a32emcg99ii ls /
bin         etc         lib         media       nsc         proc        run         srv         tmp         var
dev         home        lost+found  mnt         opt         root        sbin        sys         usr         vendor


--tag <name>

If specified, connects to an existing environment named name; and if one doesn't exit, creates a new one.


Forward your local SSH agent connection, to the remote environment.