nsc run-compose

Quickly start a set of containers from your compose project in an ephemeral environment.

run-compose starts a set of containers defined in a compose file in an ephemeral environment. Similar to docker-compose, nsc run-compose uses compose.yaml (preferable), compose.yml, docker-compose.yaml or docker-compose.yml file in working directory.


nsc run-compose [--dir <dir>] [--development] [-o <plain|json>]


In the following example, nsc starts containers using compose file in the current directory:

$ nsc run-compose
  Created new ephemeral environment! (id: 9f8q34lp1v0v6).
  More at: https://cloud.namespace.so/01gr1g2rpb7ahzddy3f227exq9/instance/9f8q34lp1v0v6

Afterwards you can SSH into the instance using the instance ID from the output:

$ nsc ssh 9f8q34lp1v0v6

and explore the created containers with nerdctl:

$ nerdctl ps

Additionally you can expose any service from the compose file publicly using nsc expose command with the flag --source containerd.


--dir <dir>

To specify a working directory from where nsc loads the compose file.


Specify to enables development facilities, including making containers optional.

-o <type>

Specifying run-compose command output format. Supported options are json and plain. By default plain output format is used.


Wait for all containers to start running.