nsc kubeconfig write

Generate a kubeconfig to connect to a instance.

kubeconfig write generates a kubeconfig that allows connecting kubectl to a instance. The config is written to a temporary file. When running kubectl, the created kubeconfig can be selected by setting the KUBECONFIG environment variable or by setting the --kubeconfig flag.


nsc kubeconfig write [instance-id]


The following example shows how to generate a kubeconfig and use it to deploy an application into a instance:

$ nsc create
Created instance "1lf2ol9ioulce"
 deadline: 2023-04-25T13:24:53Z
$ nsc kubeconfig write 1lf2ol9ioulce
Wrote Kubeconfig for instance 1lf2ol9ioulce to ~/.cache/ns/tmp/kubeconfig/2342545987.yaml.
Start using it by setting:
  export KUBECONFIG=~/.cache/ns/tmp/kubeconfig/2342545987.yaml
$ export KUBECONFIG=~/.cache/ns/tmp/kubeconfig/2342545987.yaml
$ kubectl apply -f https://k8s.io/examples/application/nginx-app.yaml
service/my-nginx-svc created
deployment.apps/my-nginx created


--output_to <path>

Write the config path to file. If file already exists, it will get overwritten.