nsc docker login

Log into the Namespace Container Registry for use with Docker.

docker login automatically updates your default Docker config.json file with Namespace credential helper and prints your Workspace registry endpoint.

The docker-credential-nsc credential helper is an executable binary that gets automatically installed along side nsc. Docker-like tools call the helper binary to retrieve fresh credentials every time they access the specified registry.

Docker-like tools expect the credential helper to be available in your $PATH. You can check that the credential helper is in your path by running which docker-credential-nsc.


nsc docker login


$ nsc docker login
You are now logged into your workspace container registry:
Run your first build with:
  $ nsc build . --name test --push
Visit our docs for more details on Remote Builds:

Where 8enum0hp1l5ii is your workspace ID.

Afterwards you can you docker CLI to push/pull container images to Namespace Container Registry. For example:

docker push nscr.io/8enum0hp1l5ii/IMAGE_NAME


--output_registry_to <file>

With this option nsc will write the Namespace Container Registry endpoint to the provided file.