nsc docker buildx setup

Setup buildx in the current machine, to use Namespace Remote Builders.

docker buildx setup configures the local Docker's buildx plugin to use the Namespace Remote Builders. So the following docker build commands will use the high-capacity remote builder hosted by Namespace.

This command starts a Unix socket proxy and configures buildx to use the proxy to connect with the Namespace Remote Builders. The builder machines are created on demand whenever the buildx issues a build request, triggering a connection to the remote builders. The architecture of the builder machine (AMD64 or ARM64) is inferred by the build command's platform.


nsc docker buildx setup [--name <name>] [-state <path>] [--background] [--create_at_startup] [--use]


The following example configures local buildx to use Namespace Remote Builders.

$ nsc docker buildx setup --background --use

Then, following Docker builds will use Remote Builders.

$ docker build . -t app:latest


--name <name>

Specify the name of the buildx builder. By default, it is "nsc-remote".

--state <path>

Specify a custom directory where the command stores the remote builders context configuration.


If set, runs the proxy in the background. So, nsc docker buildx setup does not block the caller.


By default, Remote Builders are created on demand, whenever a new build request is issued. If this flag is set, the Remote Builders are created immediately.


If set, it configures local Docker context to use the Namespace Remote Builders. By default, it only configures the builders in docker buildx, and it does not change the Docker context.