Simpler testing with Ephemeral Clusters

We're starting an Early Access for Ephemeral Clusters. Our take on infrastructure for end-to-end testing that is easy to use and affordable.

🗣️ Head over to cloud.namespace.so to try it out!

With Ephemeral Clusters you can spin up new Kubernetes clusters in seconds, with batteries included: logs, metrics, build cluster and registry, etc. You can test your workflows in testing environments closer to production with zero effort to maintain them.

Use kind or k3s in a CI workflow and struggle to debug failures? Ephemeral Clusters are for you.

You can use Ephemeral Clusters with all of your Kubernetes tooling that you're already familiar with. Whether you're deploying using kubectl, Argo, Flux, etc.

Try it out for free (during the Early Access), and have access to more than 32 cores and 64GB of ram for your existing build and testing purposes.

Why Ephemeral Clusters?

At Namespace we're firm believers in the Kubernetes ecosystem. As more development and testing hit Kubernetes, we saw teams plagued with complexity, costs, and slowness.

We knew from experience that after a cluster is "ready" to be used, ease-of-use really increases. And figuring out observability and operability of a cluster is something that most teams shouldn't have to worry about.

So we packaged that experience into a turn-key product:

  • Either click a button to get a cluster ready to go into a terminal in a browser.
  • Or spin up clusters on demand from your CI workflows (with first-class support for Github Actions today, and more providers coming next).
  • Or use our API to create on-demand clusters, pre-baked with the software you need for your testing purposes.

We need your help!

We're just getting started, and we'd love your help and feedback. We're keeping our Early Access free, with generous limits, so you can help us develop the product.

Head over to cloud.namespace.so to give it a try.

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