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Namespace accelerates your developer workflow, by speeding up your build and test, without you having to change your tools. Teams of many sizes, from fast growing startups to more established enterprises lean on Namespace to ship faster, and better.
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Here's a peek into what we were worked the last few months:

  • GitHub Actions on Namespace are now straightforward to manage with Profiles; and more powerful with Custom Runner Images, Very Large Runner Instances, a high-performance Artifact Store, and more.
  • Upgraded usage reporting is here to help you better understand and manage your spending.
  • Mac Silicon (M2 Pro) is now available to all customers.
  • Made For Enterprise: Namespace supports the most demanding workloads with hundreds to thousands of concurrent jobs, hundreds of Docker builds, RBAC, SAML SSO, Reserved Capacity, and more.

Let's dive in.

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More Powerful GitHub Actions Management

We made the GitHub Actions configuration a lot more powerful and easier to manage. You can configure GitHub Runners from a single panel with Runner Profiles. It’s as simple as: create a new profile, enable caching features, and finally reference one label in your GitHub workflows.

Custom Base Images

You can now save time on apt installation steps in your GitHub workflow and further speed up its run time. Runner Profiles allow you to build Custom Runner Images with pre-installed Ubuntu packages.

Very Large Runners

Our infrastructure continues to empower software teams with high-demanding CI workloads. Now you can use high-performance instances up to 32 vCPU and 512GB of RAM to run heavy-load workflow jobs.

Faster and more Reliable Artifacts Support

GitHub Artifacts are now even faster and more reliable on Namespace. You can switch to Namespace 100%-GitHub compatible download and upload actions to see your artifacts' access time drastically reduced.

Dive into usage insights

Get more insights about your workspace’s resource usage from our new Usage Dashboard.

We have added many views and breakdowns so you can get as many insights as possible into your usage.

Check historical data, plan ahead based on our projections, or simply check your usage against your current plan.

Mac with Apple Silicon now available

Apple Silicon-based instances, powered by M2 Pro, are now available on Namespace.

The same user experience you’ve come to expect from Namespace, with metrics, logs and SSH access built-in as well.

There’s also hidden VNC support, see if you can find it.

Apple Silicon-based instances are free to use while in Preview for anyone on a paid Namespace plan.

More Robust Cache Volumes

There’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes work to ensure faster and more reliable Cache Volumes.

Now, Namespace ensures that every invocation sees at least the amount of requested cache available as free space. And we’ll automatically grow volumes as needed. And we’ll garbage collect them automatically too.

The fastest, care-free option to support incremental builds and tests.

Branch Protection

Care about pull requests not polluting your main branch caches? Namespace gives you the ability to protect Cache Volume contents using Protected Branches.

You can restrict content updates to a list of primary branches, e.g. main. The non-primary branches can still access up-to-date cache contents, but their changes are not persisted.

Made for Enterprise

Over the last months, we have onboarded a growing number of large organizations and supported many of their unique needs.

Run hundreds to thousands of concurrent jobs knowing that Namespace closely manages a SLO of your queuing times.

Scale your Docker building needs to hundreds of concurrent builds without breaking a sweat using Namespace’s horizontal scaling for Builder Instances, while maintaining high-performance and excellent incremental build support via caching.

Teams can now more effectively manage access to different resources using Role-based Access Control (RBAC): manage read-only access to resources, grant access to billing, and more.

Streamline access to Namespace by integrating our Identity solution using SAML-based SSO.

For more demanding workloads and stricter isolation teams can rely on Reserved Capacity; with strict SLO compute availability requirements.

A Platform Too

Beyond working with teams directly to improve their developer workflows, we work with other companies in the developer infrastructure space to support them with our development-focused compute platform.

We love to partner with other companies as it extends our reach, and continues to stretch what our compute platform is capable of.

We’re extremely proud to be working with industry-defining companies, like Buildkite. We love Buildkite as a product, we’re users ourselves, and we got to partner with their team to launch Buildkite’s Hosted Agents; the best of Buildkite, with the best of Namespace.

Quality of Life Improvements

Do you want to know what else we have added over the last months? Here is a short overview of additional improvements and features that were added for you.

Namespace Is Accelerating

These last 6 months saw us go through a tremendeous period of growth, thanks to all of you.

And now, we're growing too, to continue being able to offer you the best experience possible.

Have a passion to build developer infrastructure? Join us in our journey to elevate how teams build great software.

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