Changelog #6

May saw great energy; proud of these updates.

This post looks back into everything new added in April and May; we're super excited about these, and you know what? Trying them out is as simple as pressing a button.
Get started with Namespace — it takes less than a minute.

👋 Hugo here, we just wrapped up May, and so much has happened.

We have an internal Slack channel we use to keep track of significant changes, and there's a bit too much to cover!

Major updates

Here's a list of the latest major updates:

  • We significantly improved the creation time of Ephemeral Environments: 4.5 seconds to Kubernetes readiness, 2.5 seconds to container-based preview startup. Cold booted (no warm ups).

  • You can now use an Ephemeral environment-powered Docker, transparently from your local workstation (demo). Have a Mac and are struggling to have enough memory for Docker Desktop? We got you.

  • You can also use remote builders transparently from any environment with Docker, whether local or in CI. Check out the docs.

  • We added the ability for any container to be available via public ingress, first backed by authentication, and more recently also without. video.

  • Docker now has first-class support in Namespace, with log streaming and container summaries, in both the Web UI and the CLI.

  • We increased the compatibility of our Managed GitHub Runners, and added support for custom machine shapes and native ARM64.

  • We released namespacelabs.dev/breakpoint, our open-source solution to add breakpoints to CI workflows.


We're also happy to see updates from the community.

kwasm.sh is an open-source Kubernetes Operator that adds support to run WASM-based containers to existing Kubernetes clusters.

Sven jumped on the opportunity and added similar support to Kubernetes clusters based on Namespace's Ephemeral Environments.

With other providers you often have to wait between a minute and 10 minutes before you can start, but with Namespace, well, here's what Sven had to say:



We've gotten some good feedback about our pricing model: it's hard to grasp!

We focused on having a model that would bring you the best value, but we recognize that understanding how you can make it work better for you is hard.

This is an area that we're working on; expect some updates soon.

Working with you

We know that all developer teams have unique challenges. We have a comprehensive set of tools that help you through development and testing.

We'd love to chat with you, and help your team go faster.

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