ChangelogChangelog #3

Hugo Santos
Hugo Santos

Friday is Changelog day! We'll keep you up-to-date with product and documentation changes on a regular basis.


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Hands-on introduction to Namespace

I spent some time with @rawkode walking through Namespace; had a ton of fun. We walked through the project background and where we're headed.


We keep extending our documentation. Based on community feedback we've added a Starting from scratch guide, and there are more coming.


We're now up to ns 0.0.103 (from 0.0.91 in the last Changelog). A major thank you to Ferenc who contribute two of the features below.

New features

  • You can now manage additional Kubernetes RBAC configurations your server may need using Namespace.
  • You can now set secrets for servers you use that are outside of your workspace. This makes it simpler to use servers that are defined under foundation or other repositories.
  • A new environment can now be created from ns prepare using --create_env.
  • Services can now attach exec-based probes (previously only http probes were supported).
  • You can now refer to individual tests using ns test.


  • We now perform stricter service name validation during planning, so invalid names surface as errors before we start deploying.ß
  • The redis package has been updated with a readiness probe. Using redis in tests is now more deterministic.
  • Resource classes can now configure a default provider.

Bugs fixed

  • The managed ingress block displayed at the end of a deployment would sometimes show an empty checkbox, that's now been fixed.
  • ns test didn't respect --parallel_work=false, now it does.

We've also been working on a few new features that we'll be announcing soon...


If you’d like to check out what Namespace has to offer, schedule a demo! We use these sessions to learn about your pain points, and are happy to provide advice based on what our expertise and infrastructure in the market.