Changelog #1

Our changelog keeps you up-to-date with product changes on a regular basis.

Welcome to the first edition of our Changelog! We'll keep you up-to-date with product and documentation changes on a regular basis.

Last week we released the first open-source Alpha of Namespace. More on our announcement.

This week: We've released a guide that shows how simple it is to adopt Namespace when you are already a Docker Compose user: From Docker Compose to Namespace.


If you’d like to check out what Namespace has to offer, schedule a demo! We use these sessions to learn about your pain points, and are happy to provide advice based on what our expertise and infrastructure in the market.

Open-source platform

Highlight: Fixed some minor issues that prevented installation on some systems. If you've tried to install Namespace and failed, give it another try!

New features

  • We've introduced Redis resource classes and an in-cluster provider.
  • We've introduced Postgres resource classes and an in-cluster provider.
  • Introduced LocalStack as an S3 provider.
  • We've introduced service endpoint injection as environment variables.


  • ns doctor now uploads its results anonymously. Send us your upload reference so we can more quickly help you.
  • Improved ns dev's output to not keep the service block as a "sticky", so logs can be emphasized instead.
  • Refreshed the visuals of the landing page used by examples.
  • Container image merging now always uses the first image as the base, so that the original image configuration is maintained.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a bug in the shellscript integration where relative paths did not work consistently.

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